May 2008

“Beach-Bag Best Bet: Appealing heroine, heartsick and unemployed, rediscovers herself in a Hamptons share house…fun.”

LoveHampton is…a fun, funny ride.”

As of today, May 13th, 2008, my first novel, LoveHampton, goes on sale.

I’ve been busy with lots of last minute details–let’s just say that yesterday I spent serious quality time on YouTube, Facebook and Blip.TV–to be as prepared as possible for the book’s official launch into the world. The last couple of weeks have been filled with emails and calls to my aforementioned advisors and experts (thank you all for your patience and help!), making lists, crossing items off lists (though not as quickly as I had hoped), writing and distributing my first newsletter, and more hours than I care to count online doing god-knows-what.

Many friends have asked me what will “happen” today. While I’d love to be able to say that I have several celebrations planned, interviews scheduled and a send-off for my book tour as dramatic as newlyweds leaving their wedding reception dressed in their “travel clothes” to embark on their honeymoon, the truth is, well, not much happens on the actual launch day.

Let me clarify: while it’s a momentous occasion for me personally and a busy day for my publicist, the release date of my book is most notably marked by bookstore employees across the country opening up boxes of my books and putting them on the shelves for lots of nice people to buy. Otherwise, it’s a regular Tuesday. The actual books were printed a couple of weeks ago and I received my finished copies last week. Celebrations and interviews will be happening over the next couple of months. As for a book tour send-off, there won’t be one of those–at least not this time–but there will be a number of readings and events.

So, to mark the day, my friends Stefanie and Mary will accompany me on a trip to the Barnes & Noble in Union Square to go visit my book in an actual store and wish it well. Mary, who is my awesome video producer and editor, will be taping that moment as well as other happenings tied to my book launch—which I should really start referring to as a “rollout”–over the course of the next few weeks that you’ll soon be able to see on my site.

Stay tuned!