I’m in love.

It’s only been one week and two weekends (but who’s counting). However, I can safely say that this is the real deal.

Maybe it will only last for three months like (too) many summer loves do, but I can already tell that every minute is going to be wonderful.

Who is the lucky recipient of my affections? My new summer house.

Much like Goldilocks enjoyed on all of her third tries, this house is just right for me and my two housemates, S. and D. It’s equidistant between East Hampton and Sag Harbor, two of my favorite villages: East Hampton for its unabashed flashiness and Sag Harbor for its staunch yet admirable hold on its whaling town heritage.

From the very first night in the house, I slept like a rock. That could’ve been due more to the fact that sirens weren’t screaming by my window every ten minutes as is the case when I’m home in NYC than the deliciously comfortable bed in the “green” room upstairs. But whatever the reason, I felt right at home from the minute I walked in the door. And the absolute stillness outside save for a gentle breeze didn’t hurt, that’s for sure.

After that first restful night, the pace sped up and the rest of Memorial Day Weekend whizzed by in a bit of a blur, albeit a fun, hectic, exhilarating blur. A few highlights:

  • My friend K. and I fell right back into our daily summer yoga-followed-by-coffee routine and took two classes with our favorite East End yoga teacher. Classes were so packed that people had to be turned away, but those who made it in gamely dealt with the mat-to-mat proximity–or at least pretended to.
  • Saturday afternoon I taped an interview for Hamptons Plum TV about LoveHampton—my first TV appearance ever—which started airing this past weekend.
  • My good friends hosted a party at their beautiful home in Bridgehampton on Saturday night. I thought it was going to be an intimate birthday celebration for my friend R., but it turned out to be a 150-people clambake on their gorgeous lawn. It was the exact perfect way to kick off the summer of 2008, even though it was a tad too chilly to be wearing strappy platform sandals. (It took the whole ride home with the heater in my car blasting to get my toes to warm up but so worth it.)
  • On Sunday, I went in to BookHampton in Sag Harbor, where I’ll be giving a reading in July, and saw that they had a stack of my books on the front table—perfectly positioned for the casual book browser looking for a fun beach read. Then I had lunch at a friend’s house in Bridgehampton, stopped to visit the Saturday night party hosts for a “Thorough Party Post-Mortem” and then met the gang for dinner and a little dancing at Madame Tong’s in Southampton. (No, I didn’t see Tori Miller there.)

I definitely ran myself ragged during Memorial Day Weekend (hey, I thought this weekend-at-the-beach thing was supposed to be relaxing?), but I was having way too much fun to stop, except for maybe a couple of hours on Monday afternoon when the tank finally ran out of gas–literally and figuratively! By the time I got home on Monday night, it was all I could do to drop my bags at the door and fall into bed at 9:30. Despite the relentless sound of trucks barreling down Second Avenue, I slept like a rock. Funny, that.