Random Other

Shakespeare should’ve made the line in Julius Caesar, “Beware the end of March,” because though the “ides of March” happened fifteen days ago, this end-of-March-but-it’s-still-really-cold thing is what we really have to look out for. So much worse. Sure, we changed the clocks early but in NYC it’s still struggling to get past the mid-40s but that’s not even counting the wind chill factor. Brutal. Brutus?

The one (only?) thing that has helped make the summer seem at least a teeny bit closer is the fact that my friends and I just signed a lease on our summer house in the Hamptons. It’s a totally cute traditional saltbox style two-story house with a pool and an outdoor shower (my fave) halfway between East Hampton and Sag Harbor, the same street on which I’ve been doing a house the past two summers. Though one could accuse me of being a creature of habit, I could argue that I already know how to get everywhere via backroads, expertly circumventing Route 27, which as my fellow Hamptonites know is HUGE.

So now I’m counting down the days, minutes and seconds until Friday, May 23rd. That and another important day on my calendar this year: Tuesday, May 13th, the day a little project that I like to call LoveHampton will be published. Now that’s an “ides” I can look foward to!